Introducing Graid

Introducing Graid - Section 1

AI-assisted Structured Reporting for cross-border Teleradiology

Construct reliable, translatable, unified medical reports

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Introducing Graid - Section 2


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  Reporting schemes moulded by the human body  •  Something quite unusual, something quite easy to love. Instead of traditional reporting templates you'll be taken by a completely different perspective. Made possible by Graid's SynerGraph Technology. Learn more about it below.

  Your brain thinks in pictures  •  So what if your reporting schemes were only pictures? That's exactly what Graid's visual navigation is for. Browse the human body in its graphic representation faster than ever. Pick the spot, select the pathology, and that's it.

  Dig into the deep, find it in an instant  •  What would you like to comment on? Graid has very detailed reporting schemes. There's not a pathology or anatomic region however its quick search won't get you straight away. Scan a huge data set in no time. Also voice-controlled if you wish.

  For those who prefer the ordinary  •  Some series of questions, decision trees, single and multiple choice options, and the report is complete. Likewise clean, likewise structured. Not only for radiology.

  Speak it out and Graid will do it  •  You just talk, Graid knows how to act. Are you over an input field? Then, it's dictation. In any other cases, it's voice-controlled navigation. Lean back and tell Graid what to do.

  Multiple languages, multiple formats, combine freely  •  Do you like it compact? Or would rather have it flowing? Do you want it in German maybe? Or the way your department requests? Just tell Graid and it brings your report to the shape you need it.

  Haven't even started, yet already half done  •  When you begin reporting, you start off with a negative report already. With patient data and other meta-information included too. As defined by your report template. Add your findings and there you have it. Easy, right?

  Your virtual radiologist to help you out  •  Graid provides AI image analysis via 3rd party AI modules. Utilize the power of artificial intelligence as second opinion. Fast and accurate, gets smarter day after day.

  Make Graid smarter with every report you create  •  Graid learns from you, Graid learns with you. Every time you save a report, it's a lesson for Graid to master. Labelled data you generate has greater value you'd think.


Benefits - Section 1

Features at a glance  

Workflow optimization for hospitals and teleradiology centers they've been missing all along.

As the first truly structured radiology reporting system of its kind, our flagship product Graid aims to revolutionize cross-border teleradiology by multilingual structured medical reports, automatic finding and diagnosis suggestions, score calculations, image labeling for research and AI model training purposes, voice-controlled navigation and standardized texts to enable unambiguous communication between physicians. All this on an ergonomically designed user interface to shorten the time spent on creating reports and make things as convenient as possible.

Productivity and quality  

It’s a frenetic and serious business you’re in. In healthcare you cannot afford to be inaccurate or inefficient.

Reporting with Graid results in less human error and misdiagnosis. It saves you time, allows you to better utilize your resources and achieve higher standards at your work. Cut the complications and make the most of your potentials. Graid brings you the quality and efficiency you need whether you're a radiologist or a manager.

Safe with your data  

Graid can only know information you explicitly tell it. And even that it doesn't collect.

At your request, Graid reads the PACS, monitors your activity in the DICOM viewer, communicates with external AI modules, and eventually writes your report into the RIS / HIS or wherever you prefer it. It processes and makes a bunch of data available, but without collecting a single piece of PII or any sensitive information about you or your patients. It does its job studiously and conscientiously. Regardless of you choosing to keep your data locally or in the cloud.

Benefits - Section 2

 Learn about your benefits

Graid's features in a nutshell, how it improves your productivity, brings quality into your work and respects your patients' privacy.


Uniqueness - Section 1

SynerGraph Technology  

We’ve put a human being into a database. Its whole anatomy and all possible pathologies. And Graid knows it all.

We provide no rigid reporting templates that ten radiologists would rather have in ten different ways. Instead, we've built Graid around one thing: the human body and its everlasting structure - which is not a matter for debate. Templates and even standards come, change and go, whilst the human body stays. It is the subject of every medical exam and each radiological examination is about a specific part of it.

So when you select an exam for reporting, Graid extracts the relevant part of the virtual human being it knows and generates the scheme you will use for the reporting based on that. Since it knows the human in its entirety, understands the synergy between its building blocks and diseases, as you report it will constantly look for interrelations to offer frequently associated and coexisting pathologies.

Our goal is to have Graid guide you through the whole reporting process with its intelligent suggestions and also warn you if inconsistencies in your report arise. Until you arrive at the final diagnosis.

Linguistic Renderer  

Reliable reports in languages you don't even speak. A report translation engine that is unable to make a mistake.

With Graid you can create your reports without typing a single word. Just navigate its adaptive UI, pick and set options - might as well using your voice, and the report is generated simultaneously. In real time, in multiple formats, also as flowing text in the language you choose - whether you speak that or not.

As opposed to common text translation, Graid's fully accurate linguistic renderer you can blindly trust. Driven by deeply structured data sets and language-specific grammatical rules, it will never err. Because it's mathematically incapable of doing so.

Or, if you want freedom, write or dictate freely as you wish. Edit, format and customize your reports at any places, insert images, or whatever. Your options are endless. Just remember: Structured reports are valuable reports from which even Graid itself will learn. To get smarter to help you on your next day in work all the more.

Overall simplicity  

Every examination, complete integration, zero installation. Graid's just there and ready to be used.

Whether it's usability, setup or upgrades, in all aspects of creating Graid we strive for ease of use and clarity. This you will experience in many ways.

First, there's no need to install a single byte of code on your computer or any existing hospital system to take full advantage of Graid - even if planning to use it connected to a RIS / HIS / PACS / EHR or like. Then, you'll do all your reporting for every examination using the same uniform user interface - which you can adjust to your needs in many ways so it best suits your work style. Besides, Graid is entirely cross-platform - just to mention some.

✱ Graid streamlines and speeds up lots of things, but please note that it cannot do at least two: It won't open a beer for you after work nor cleans your dishes at home. Yet, we're constantly on the lookout for novel features of the future.

Uniqueness - Section 2

 See where it really shines

Graid is quite different from other reporting tools. We took a unique approach, and here's what it means to you.


Contact - Section 1

 Ready to take off

Graid is currently being beta-tested in a teleradiology environment and by numerous radiologists individually from different institutes. Some parts of the system are already available for live clinical use.

If interested, send us an email or use our contact form.

Contact - Section 2

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